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The Chinese Communist Party’s scientific deception: Quantity over quality in research

 The pressure to “publish or perish” is particularly intense in Chinese academia.
By The Singapore Post Jul. 5, 2024

Hong Kong democracy leaders convicted in China's mass national security trial

The convicted individuals were among 47 democracy advocates who were prosecuted in 2021 for the involvement in an unofficial primary election.
By WION Jun. 7, 2024

China’s ‘Spy ships’ in Maldives has damaging political implications for Muizzu’s Party

At present with Mohammad Muizzu’s party at the helm, the shift is more prominently towards Beijing, quite evidently.    
By The Hongkong Post Feb. 29, 2024

BAIC’s Beijing X55 is a beauty

For instance, the infotainment system conceals the driving modes, volume control, and air conditioning modes.
By Andrew Muzamhindo Feb. 2, 2024

China: Has the moment arrived?

China’s population started to drop last year, for the first time since the great purges and man-made famines of the early Communist years.
By Gwynne Dyer Dec. 15, 2023

China struggles to achieve food self-sufficiency

While the Asian superpower made advances in industrial and technological areas, its farm sector seems to have remained ignored and underdeveloped.
By Geopolitica.info Oct. 10, 2023

How Beijing’s taxi system can help Harare

Speaking to the Zimbabwe Independent during a recent tour of Beijing, a Chinese official said the use of taxis has been effective in decongesting metropole.
By Julia Ndlela Oct. 6, 2023

Lack of land rights pushes women into ‘tight corner’

A mother of three, Mugadzi was ejected from her home in Mutoko by her in-laws after she refused to marry one of her husband’s brothers.
By Moses Mugugunyeki Jul. 9, 2023

Cultural Crackdown in China Shuts Comedy and Music Shows

Many of the canceled events were supposed to feature foreign performers or speakers.
By The New York Times Jun. 8, 2023