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Sunday word: Principle may overtake protocol

There are times in life where you have to choose between principle and protocol.
By Prosper Tingini 5h ago
Sunday word: The Lord our God is one
Sunday word: The Lord our God is one
Christ thus represents the ceremonials ritual of sacrificing a lamp for the cleansing of human sins.
By Prosper Tingini Mar. 19, 2023
Divine insight: Mystery of hidden things
The Bible describes how all things began because of God and also that there is nothing in the realm of man that exists outside God. 
By Humphrey Mtandwa Mar. 19, 2023
Grace tidings: A life free of condemnation
 It is the goodness of God that lead men to repentance (Romans 2:4) not intimidation.
By Doug Mamvura Mar. 19, 2023
Kasher Slaughter: An introduction
This commandment applies equally to cattle, to animals, and to fowl. A limb torn or cut from a living animal is forbidden. An animal that is not slaughtered, but dies of itself, is prohibited.
By Rabbi Gersion Appel Mar. 18, 2023
Are the Jewish people in danger of extinction?
Mordechai reminded Esther that God made a promise to the Jewish people that He will never allow them to become extinct.
By Gila Ross Mar. 12, 2023
Transitioning from law to grace
Most Christians today aren’t aware that their “old-time religion” is polluted with many traditions that void the power of God’s Word.
By Doug Mamvura Mar. 12, 2023
Divine Insights: When everything else fails try joy
Some could take this Bible verse to literally mean that joy will come the next morning, but what is sad is that many mornings never bring that joy.
By Humphrey Mtandwa Mar. 12, 2023
Sunday Word: “Mother of harlots and abominations”
It is also noted that some of the doctrines of the church did incorporate some pagan beliefs dating back from the reign of the Christian Roman Emperors.
By Prosper Tingini Mar. 12, 2023
Sunday word: Office of the Pope demonised (Part 3)
Allow me to rewrite the contents of the visions in of Revelation 13 in full.
By Prosper Tingini Mar. 5, 2023
Hebrew scriptures: The ABC of Judaism
Question the origins of your "life philosophy. "Do you essentially have a Greek approach to life? Roman? Eastern? Jewish?
By Rabbi Noah Weinberg Mar. 5, 2023
Gracetidings: Established in righteousness
What a sense of victory, of freedom would be ours if we knew that we were the righteousness of God and were established in that fact.
By Doug Mamvura Mar. 5, 2023
Dream cycles and demonic attacks
So, there is no dream that is just a dream. Because the dream dimension is a place where what you are struggling with is reflected. An addiction can appear as eating in a dream.
By Humphrey Mtandwa Mar. 5, 2023
Divine insight: Oil and mantles
The children of Israel were now trapped worshiping the brazen serpent and neglecting worship towards God.
By Humphrey Mtandwa Feb. 26, 2023
Office of the Pope demonised (Part 2)
The saints were to be handed over to it for a time and times and half a time. In the end its power will be taken away.
By Prosper Tingini Feb. 19, 2023
The power of empathy
William Ury, founder of the Harvard Program of Negotiation, tells a marvellous story in one of his books.
By Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks Feb. 19, 2023
A life free of condemnation.
Church has become a place where we make people feel condemned by highlighting and focusing on their sins.
By Dr Doug Mamvura Feb. 19, 2023
Understanding God's voice
A Christian who does not understand the voice of God will be a victim of different elements that are around them.
By Humphrey Mtandwa Feb. 19, 2023
Divine Insight: How to approach dreams
When God is communicating with us as men, he uses so many symbols and he takes these symbols from our lives.
By Humphrey Mtandwa Feb. 12, 2023
Grace Tidings: You can create the world you want to see
God gave man dominion over all His creation and circumstances.
By Doug Mamvura Feb. 12, 2023
Sunday Word: Office of the Pope demonised (Part 1)
A lot has been said and written, with scriptures quoted, to support some people’s opinions in trying to label the office of the pontiff as an institution of evil.
By Prosper Tingini Feb. 12, 2023
Hebrew Scriptures: What do Jews believe about Jesus?
Christianity emerged as a separate religion only in the centuries after Jesus’ death.
By My Jewish Learning Feb. 12, 2023
Sunday Word: The Sabbath Day controversy
A very common added misconception is that many of our religious folks mistakenly think that the Sabbath should be the day of worship to the Lord our God.
By Prosper Tingini Feb. 5, 2023
Grace Tidings: We have a better covenant
God established a covenant with them and they had protection under this Old Covenant.
By Doug Mamvura Feb. 5, 2023
Divine Insight: Mastering the spiritual realm
Spiritual principles don’t work just for Christians but also for those in the world because impact in the spirit produces success in the natural.
By Humphrey Mtandwa Feb. 5, 2023
The genealogy of Jesus Christ
The gospel, according to Matthew, Chapter 1 verses 1-17 narrates the genealogy of Jesus Christ.
By Prosper Tingini Jan. 22, 2023
Are we at war with flesh or body?
WE are not at war with the flesh. We are at war with the carnal mind.
By Humphrey Mtandwa Jan. 22, 2023
Grace Tidings: Be careful you may be on a hunger strike instead of real fast!
God is not impressed by our “hunger strike-” type of fasting (Isaiah 58:3-5).
By Doug Mamvura Jan. 15, 2023