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Letter to my people: A stampede for profits (prophets)

Brother Emmanuel and the Angelic one apparently don’t get along well and the latter has been using his links to authority to fight others. 


My Dear People

After all that drama and months spent in courts, a testimony in camera and all the high profile witnesses, Marry got away with a little more than a slap on the wrist.

I know she faces other charges like attempted murder and she’s not entirely off the hook, but for a charge where a fine was an option, Marry should have been allowed to go to South Africa for treatment.

For context, Marry was fined $60,000 for forging a marriage with Number 2.

On the parallel market, which Mthuli and Panonesta don’t believe exists, that’s a little less than US$200.

So Marry risks losing an arm because of a crime where her fine was this little because she was denied a chance to go and seek treatment.

While Marry and others may celebrate that she got away with it, the honest truth is that she is paying the price with her poor health.

There’s something malevolent about the way this whole case was handled.

By the way, if the magistrate says Marry is of ill health and justice will not be served by sending her to prison, so what was the point of taking the case to trial in the first place?

If this was all about justice, then they should have waited for her to recover first and then drag her to court.

On the other hand, since a magistrate has said she’s not well enough to go to prison, I wonder if her other trials will go ahead.

I have not forgiven Marry for her nasty dancing during the coup. It’s like she really wanted to rub it in our faces.

But, I don’t think anyone deserves to go through what she did, even if you have a grudge against the person.

I wish her all the best in her upcoming trials and also the best on her road to recovery.

Look at me being the bigger person, kkk.

Unholy fights

A little birdie tells me there are a few tiffs among profits — I mean prophets — kkk.

The allegations are that ambassador profit is using his proximity to the powers that be to fight his counterparts.

The fighting is apparently very nasty and there’s nothing holy about it.

So imagine during the Holy Week, yes Baba taught me Catechism, Launchmore visited Brother Emmanuel.

Brother Emmanuel and the Angelic one apparently don’t get along well and the latter has been using his links to authority to fight others.

So when Launchmore visits Brother Emmanuel, like he did, there are likely to be tremors in the profit corridors.

“As your President & with the Grace of God, I assure you that Zimbabwe will continue to prosper against all headwinds which include natural disasters, global economic shocks & illegal economic sanctions among other works of spiritual forces&human detractors” ⁦@edmnangagwapic.twitter.com/WktkDlenLr

— Ministry of Information, Publicity & Broadcasting (@InfoMinZW) April 16, 2022


Still on the visit to the profit, I think Launchmore is still smarting from his less than stellar by-election showing and is now seeking divine intervention.

He has done it all, from mapostori to the Angelic one, but the urban vote has remained elusive.

Launchmore has literally crushed MDC and brought in a new candidate in the form of Dougie, but still, urbanites have rejected him.

After Brother Emmanuel, his next stop may be Brother Walter.

Although I’m not keeping my fingers crossed for that to happen kkk.

Since Nero is also a man of God, maybe Launchmore might want to visit that church as well, kkk.

That will be fun.

Baptism of fire

I felt pity for Zimbabwe’s poor ambassador to South Africa as he was jeered off the stage at the memorial for the late Elvis Nyathi.

The ambassador and the mandarins in Harare thought that by giving the slain Nyathi a state assisted funeral a red carpet would be rolled out for them.

Nyathi’s death is a symptom of worse things here at home.

If the economy was moving as we are meant to believe, then people like Nyathi and millions others wouldn’t  have left for South Africa.

If there were jobs in Zimbabwe, Nyathi and his family would have been here, thriving.

But because the country is going backwards, people are forced to look for better opportunities.

Nyathi would not have died in such a cruel manner if there were opportunities here.

So when the ambassador stood to speak, many in the crowd at the memorial thought it was hypocritical because he represented a system that has impoverished them, driven them out of their home country and led them to a life of uncertainty in South Africa.

The ambassador was just a messenger, but on the other side of the coin, he is an emissary for people that have contributed to the ruin of Zimbabwe.

The exit

A quick note on Standard Chartered Bank leaving Zimbabwe; even in 2008, when you all say Baba was at his worst, they still remained.

That bank had faith in the coup government and even gifted this lot with a loan.

But now look, they too have lost faith in Launchmore and are leaving.


Ntombizodwa Woyeee!

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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