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Silence Mugadzaweta

Silence Mugadzaweta

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Sadc must intervene on Zim crisis: SA

Ramathuba exclusively told NewsDay yesterday that the Sadc should urgently act on the matter of Zimbabweans flooding South African hospitals and other services.
By Silence Mugadzaweta Sep. 1, 2022

Zim creatives must tell own authentic stories: Gopal

The event makes a return this year after a two-year COVID-19-induced hiatus.
By Silence Mugadzaweta Sep. 26, 2022

UK deports 9 Zim criminals

The UK Home Office said in September 2022 only, more than 500 offenders were deported from the UK.
By Silence Mugadzaweta Oct. 5, 2022

R50 000 reward for German tourist killer

Crime is a huge threat to tourism growth
By Silence Mugadzaweta Oct. 6, 2022

ACE Air named as a global finalist for the Air Ambulance Company of the Year Award

Winners will be announced on October 27 in Athens, Greece.Other nominees for the award include Europe based AirMed International and Redstar Aviation.
By Silence Mugadzaweta Oct. 19, 2022

Growing inequality hindering climate change policing

According to a recent Oxfam report, the world’s richest countries emit unsustainably high amounts of carbon amounting to 70% of total emissions.
By Silence Mugadzaweta Nov. 11, 2022

Digital transformation: Zim Media needs to be contemplative

Today not even one media house in Zimbabwe is keen to share circulation figures, not because they do not know, but they are embarrassingly and depressingly choking.
By Silence Mugadzaweta Dec. 25, 2022

Mental health: Time to act for the sake of journalists

Realising that journalism is a critical foundation for social change, more often than not; everyone is more concerned about the product, ignoring content creators themselves.
By Silence Mugadzaweta Dec. 27, 2022

When age limit shutters girl child’s dream

Concern has been raised over age discrimination with most women from disadvantaged backgrounds saying they are being left out yet they are passionate about the nursing profession.
By Silence Mugadzaweta Jan. 15, 2023

Nurse recruitment bottlenecks handicap women

Statistics show that the female-to-male nurse ratio is almost 80% to 20%.
By Silence Mugadzaweta Jan. 15, 2023

Botswana, Namibia to abolish passports: Citizens of the two countries will now use identity cards

It is a clear demonstration of their unwavering commitment to implement a uniquely progressive aspect of the strategy of bilateral cooperation between the two countries.
By Silence Mugadzaweta Feb. 20, 2023

Candid Comment - Corruption: The buck stops with him

The crux of the matter is that Zimbabwe is being milked dry, and the effects of corruption are devastating.
By Silence Mugadzaweta Mar. 10, 2023

Criminal Law Bill divides Parly

Mliswa raised this in the National Assembly during the Second Reading Stage of the Bill.
By Silence Mugadzaweta Jun. 1, 2023

Digital Digest: Journalism in the vanguard of digital transformation

Research is showing growth in digital news consumption, including advertising.
By Silence Mugadzaweta Jun. 10, 2023

Media must wake up to opportunities of AI

There is competition coming up as the media landscape opens up and changes. When did you last wake your son or daughter to buy you a newspaper?
By John Mokwetsi and Silence Mugadzaweta Jun. 16, 2023

Digital Digest: A journalist’s changing roles: New functions and skills

Innovative disruptions did not only confront business models, but also bulldozed themselves into changing functions of journalists.
By Silence Mugadzaweta Jun. 17, 2023

Digital Digest: Could AI be the birth of a revolution in journalism?

Many journalists fear their jobs will be replaced by these monster wordsmiths who can now write brilliant pieces on instruction
By Silence Mugadzaweta Jun. 24, 2023

Digital digest: Data informed newsroom key for journalism to survive digital Darwinism

Editors in their planning and using data mined from digital platforms, they benefit from “wisdom of the crowed”.
By Silence Mugadzaweta Jul. 1, 2023

Police ban Chamisa rally

CCC leader Nelson Chamisa was expected to address the rally at Tshovani Stadium ahead of the launch of the party’s election manifesto in Bindura on Saturday.
By Silence Mugadzaweta Jul. 6, 2023

Zaoga founder Guti dies

Guti is said to have died peacefully Wednesday night.
By Silence Mugadzaweta Jul. 5, 2023

Digital Digest: Why newsrooms struggle with digital transformation

Ideas on digital transformation need to fit into editorial operations and other interventions should come as support pillars
By Silence Mugadzaweta Jul. 8, 2023

Digital Digest: Bringing the newsroom into the business of news

Meanwhile, editors will be equally ready to school commercial teams on the integrity of editorial independence and how sacrosanct it is.
By Silence Mugadzaweta Jul. 15, 2023

The future of publishing: a call for radical innovation in journalism education

he media industry in Zimbabwe needs to employ measures that guarantee continuity in the digital era.
By Silence Mugadzaweta Jul. 22, 2023

Rwanda looks up to youth in its quest for sustainability

To date, Rwanda and Zimbabwe have signed several memoranda of understanding in various areas.
By Silence Mugadzaweta Jul. 24, 2023

Big Tech and the race to save journalism

Decisions by Facebook, Google and other Tech giants are now outpacing or motivating strategies for publishers.
By Silence Mugadzaweta Jul. 29, 2023

Leading the newsroom in digital era

Evidently, journalism has not been spared, from operations to content quality; the dynamics are demanding new knowledge and a new set of skills to full-proof journalism.
By Silence Mugadzaweta Aug. 5, 2023

Newsletters: A golden opportunity for publishers in the digital era

Publishers like The New York Times have introduced a value-added bundle to sustain their subscriber base.
By Silence Mugadzaweta Aug. 12, 2023

Digital Transformation: Time to consider editorial restructuring

Such structures cannot survive digital transformation. If anything, they swallow efforts to transform.
By Silence Mugadzaweta Aug. 19, 2023

Digital digest: Fighting fake news in the digital era

Thus, information becomes a vital parameter for decision-making. Therefore, this can make or break a nation and society.
By Silence Mugadzaweta Aug. 26, 2023