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Building Narratives: SECURICO boss shares gold nuggets in new book

From left: Petina Gappah, Alpha Media Holdings chairman Trevor Ncube, Obama leader Prechard Mhako, Tererai Trent, SECURICO boss Divine Simbi Ndhlukula, Old Mutual Insurance CompanyMD Gloria Zvaravanhu and former Telone CEO Chipo Mtasa

Multi-award-winning entrepreneur, philanthropist and women’s empowerment champion Divine Simbi-Ndhlukula has launched her debut book titled Entrepreneurial Success: Insights on Growing Business in a Fluid Economy at a private ceremony held in Harare which was attended by key stakeholders from academicians, business executives, ambassadors, government officials and close colleagues.

Simbi-Ndhlukula is the founder and managing director of DDNS Security Operations which is the holding company for SECURICO.

She is the founder and managing director of Zvikomborero Farms, an agro-centric entity specialising in livestock production.

The book captures Simbi-Ndhlukula’s evolution from being an entrepreneur as she worked for other companies up until she established Zvikomborero Farms and later SECURICO in 1998.

“Entrepreneurial Success: Insights on Growing Business in a Fluid Economy encompasses principles, insights and lessons that I learned over the decades, from starting off as an intrapreneur to becoming an entrepreneur and celebrated CEO of a leading security company that has established, a solid footprint within the region” reads part of the book’s introductory remarks.

Simbi-Ndhlukula stated that it was her hope and desire to help the next generation of African leaders in business.

“As leaders become more seasoned in business, their immediate assignment is to share their experiences with others and groom the next generation of leaders who will lift the continent out of poverty through entrepreneurial solutions”.

Alpha Media Holdings chairman Trevor Ncube chaired the panel discussion and described Simbi-Ndhlukula as a goal-getter who had completely disrupted the security industry in Zimbabwe.

During the panel discussion at the launch, former TelOne CEO Chipo Mtasa, renowned author and lawyer Petina Gappah and business development consultant Prechard Mhako all described the book as a game-changer to all would be entrepreneurs and business leaders.

The book has also been endorsed by business leaders with the founding CEO of Richard Brandson’s Virgin Unite Jean Oelwang describing it as one packed with practical wisdom for business leaders.

“Her resilience, moral courage, sheer determination and focus on people is awe inspiring” stated Oelwang. (pp,3)

Founder and CEO of Nyaradzo Phillip Mataranyika stated that: “Divine’s book was more than a chronicle of her ascent in the corporate world and added that the book was a trove of wisdom, gleaned from years of innovation and a staggering commitment to excellence” (pp,4).

Simbi-Ndhlukula dedicated the book to the courageous men and women who are defying the odds to launch start-ups in a fluid environment.

“Special dedication goes to the thousands of SECURICO and Zvikomborero employees, past and present, who had faith in my grand aspirations and helped me pursue them, even doing so seemed utterly impossible”

Guest of honour at the event, Tererai Trent stated that Simbi-Ndhlukula’s book would guide many entrepreneurs and business leaders to success.

“If you are an entrepreneur, aspiring business leader or anyone interested in the business world, this book is a guide which will lead you to success” she said.

In the book, Simbi-Ndhlukula shares ten success nuggets for both intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs and argues that striving for excellence is one of the recipes for success.

“Both my experiences as an intrapreneur and later as an entrepreneur had one underlying common lesson and prevailing principle: that striving for excellence in all our areas of expertise and roles and being the best at what one does is what distinguishes accomplished and successful people from the ordinary” (pp.16).

She paid tribute to legends, including her parents who empowered her and made her envision a world of possibilities even as a girl child; further mentioning Brandson and his epic journey in creating Virgin, Kubi Chaza-Indi, the first indigenous businesswoman in Zimbabwe and Professor Hope Sadza and her journey in creating Women’s University in Africa and many more who played a pivotal role in encouraging and inspiring her towards her successes in business.

The first copy of the book was bought for USD $10 000 by property mogul and West Prop chairman Kern Sharpe.

Simbi-Ndhlukula said a portion of the profits generated from the sales of the book would be donated to projects delivering and supporting education for the marginalised and vulnerable in Zimbabwe.

The book is now available globally on Amazon, in bookshops, distribution centres, and locations across the country, www.divinesimbindhlukula.co.zw ,as well as Batanai Gardens in Harare or contact +263 776 030 949.

This is part one of a two-part series featuring Simbi-Ndhlukula’s recently released book “Entrepreneurial Success: Insights on Growing Business in a Fluid Economy”

  • Fungayi Antony Sox is a seasoned communications and publishing specialist who has advised and consulted for CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, youth-focused start-ups, businesses, several institutions, and organisations. For feedback contact him on 0776 030 949, connect with him on LinkedIn on Fungayi Antony Sox, or follow him on X @AntonySox.

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