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Letter from America: Elections are over. Why are the sinners not beating drums?

Crispy Zimbabwe dollars fresh from the Reserve Bank are sold in the street by vendors driving Mercedes Benzes.

I told you so! While it is not nice to say these words, here is a case where Zanu-PF had to win the elections at all costs, by hook and by crook.

Any change of government would have been unthinkable and the results of such a seismic change would have been unpredictable even if opposition leader Nelson Chamisa had promised peace and reconciliation.

There are too many sinners in this government, who have never known  a single day of honest labour in the last 42 years.

Of course, in such a situation, there are always petty, small-time sinners (whose journey to heaven can still be redeemed) and then there are heavy sinners, irredeemable, such as the Gold Mafia and foreign exchange big-wigs, who employ runners to sell newly printed Zimbabwe dollars from freshly loaded cardboard boxes lodged in Mercedes Benz trunks.

My information is that the inauguration celebrations were marked by funeral like sobriety. There was little jubilation. But why was this? It was entirely because the victors understood in their hearts that the elections were “viciously rigged” (Zimbabwe English).

That is only half the explanation.

A friend of mine, Biran S. has given me an idea. The sinners, starting with the newly coined cabinet, have no new ideas. They are masters of mimicry.

Zimbabwe is the last country God created,  endowed it with all the minerals on earth, and five rainfall regions capable of sustaining all the crops available to man. So, I asked my brother the question. Why is our mimicry a sign of mental suicide?

“We are  even becoming more British, Portuguese and French than being African, even in dress, styles, mannerisms, religion and marriage and etiquette.” He said.

The most unpardonable sin in a country is for a Finance minister to follow in  a goose chase wild theories and destroy the life savings of his people. Professor Mthuli Ncube, must, therefore, be registered among the chief sinners in the name of Apollyon.

A globalist, who is credited with writing a manual for development, cannot divorce himself from imperialist neo-colonial liberal theory.

There is not a single example where depreciating a country’s currency has helped any African country to prosper.

Depreciating a currency means, according to Basil Davidson, whereas in say 1920 a Senegalese peanut farmer could buy a tractor in exchange for one tone of peanuts, in 1960, he would need ten times that production.

The professor says these words.

“The existence of the parallel market in Zimbabwe is baffling. Our fundamentals are strong, we have a current account surplus, and we have had that for the last five years.” He said.

I wanted to scratch Brian with my bare hands, but he was across the oceans. I prayed. God, please give me the patience of St. Job the Uzzite.

It is illegal to accuse a professor of ignorance. So, what is this sinner of a professor guilty of? He is not a flip flopper like professor Jonathan Moyo.

Well, he is ridiculous.

First, has the professor forgotten that when he managed Barbican Bank (2007) Gideon Gono wanted him thrown into a stinking jailhouse for allowing his bank to abscond from its original mission, which is the management of money?

Barbican and other financial institutions faced by Gono’s inflationary printing of money, resorted to other means to preserve the value of their clients’ deposits. One such investment bank had bought 150 Mercedes Benzes, because their value caught up with inflation.

Crispy Zimbabwe dollars fresh from the Reserve Bank are sold in the street by vendors driving Mercedes Benzes.

The brother is living on Mars.  “We have seen a tight monetary policy and positive interest rates from central bank.”

My niece reached a NASSA outlet for her $160 000 a month pension at 6am. At 10am she was allowed $30 000 ( with a purchasing power of US$3).

The Kombi ride home costs US$1.  Ncube says Zimbabwe is doing very well.

A country which fails to save its own currency literally has no means of passing on its wealth to its second generation.

The cabinet is not equipped to think in Afro-centric ways.

There is a death of imagination everywhere one looks. It is true hospitals lack small items like aspirin. But, after 42 years in power, ngangas are not yet incorporated in the treatment of such diseases as madness (kupenga/Ngozi/ hallucinations).

Our judges, dressed up to look like English noblemen, have not come to terms with the Afrocentric sense of reconciliatory justice. There is no point in a gat thief going to jail if I do not get my goat back.

Zambians need passports, but US and UK citizens do not.

These are small matters which can be dealt with by the stroke of a pen. But the composition of cabinet as is shows lack of seriousness in going forward.

The elections in Zimbabwe have changed nothing.

A stupid cabinet.

Mnangagwa’s son has confessed that he spent a whole day pinching himself when he realised his hood fortune of being appointed a minister. That does not, however, overshadow the fact that the new cabinet is a hotch-potch of a variety of sinners, with no common purpose, and not even in once accord among themselves. Where there is no vision, the people perish.

Sister Barbara Rwodzi, a petty sinner who called an innocent police officer, a “human dog” (imbwa yemunhu), to her credit, if my information is correct, is seeking redemption.

Another sinner, named resident minister, is referred to by a US Congressional Committee as a “street thug” who beats up folks and destroys mining equipment of rivals.

A third brother is mentioned in US intelligence reports as a “runner.”

I was baffled by this report. But somewhere in between the lines, it appears that the runner is in communication with batches of crisp Zimbabwe bills, fresh from the Reserve Bank.

Add to this, the following information. When Brother Vice President Constatino Chiwenga presided over some celebration, I noticed that he brought his own bottle of water.

One brother is accused of sexual excesses. No woman has brought charges before a court of law. The accusations were probably concocted by fellow comrades to embarrass the brother. Oh, what a life.

The brother sinners do not break bread together in fellowship and their worst fears are not from Ken Mufuka. They sleep with one eye open fearful of their comrades.

There is only one conclusion possible. Cabinet members have no common purpose or love for each other.

It is a stupid cabinet.

There is one exception.

 Professor Amos Murwira is a gem in a sea of ignorance and incompetence.

His theory of education, namely, that all education must be saleable, which can be traced to Booker T. Washington, is not only sound and practical, but has stood the test of time. Unlike other brothers, he is not puffed up, displaying a calmness which approaches virtue.

Postscript: If Mukuru wanted a new direction in Zimbabwe’s image and re-engagement, he could have hired Rutendo Matinyarare or Dr. Arikana Chihombori. Rutendo, believes, and I am of the same opinion, Zimbabwe’s land reform placed it outside the European circle.

No amount of engagement effort is going to persuade the imperialists to accommodate Zimbabwe. 

Mthuli Ncube’s efforts are a waste of time and ruinous to Zimbabwe’s wealth.

(Ken Mufuka is a Zimbabwe patriot. He writes from the US.)


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