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What are some important basketball statistics to follow?


When it comes to basketball, there are numerous statistics that can provide valuable insights. Speaking about insights, if you have them you can visit 1xBet - one of new betting sites in Kenya, that can reward those who understand basketball and other sports.


They can inform about aspects such as:


  • player’s performance;
  • team’s efficiency;
  • and overall game trends.


Let’s start with points per game (PPG). This statistic measures the average number of points scored by a player or a team per game. It provides a fundamental indicator of offensive productivity and scoring ability. The 1xBet Kenya platform is one of new betting sites in which you can also wager on all those situations that take place during basketball matches. As an example, the legendary Magic Johnson scored approximately 19.5 points per game.

Measuring efficiencies

There is also the three-point percentage (3P%). Go and play casino 1xBet now before other players score a triple during a basketball match. This metric focuses specifically on the accuracy of three-point shots, providing insights into a player's or team's long-range shooting proficiency. Steve Kerr has had an incredible number of this kind, with a success rate of 45.4%.


Free throw percentage (FT%) is also relevant, which measures the success rate of free throw attempts. It is crucial because free throws are uncontested shots awarded for various fouls, and converting them is vital to maximizing scoring opportunities. The 1xBet casino can be played now, while waiting for free throws taken by basketball players. Steve Nash has an incredible FT% of 90.43%.


Rebounds per game (RPG) tracks the average number of rebounds collected by a player or a team per game. The legendary Wilt Chamberlain had 22.9 rebounds per game.

Contributing to the team effort

Another important parameter is assists per game (APG). At 1xbet.co.ke/line/basketball you can also wager on whether a player will make an assist. It represents the average number of assists a player or a team records per game. Assists measure a player's playmaking and passing skills, emphasizing their ability to create scoring opportunities for teammates. Magic Johnson had 11.2 assists per game.


Finally, there are steals per game (SPG) and blocks per game (BPG). Steals demonstrate the ability to disrupt opponents' plays and initiate fast breaks, while blocks showcase shot-contesting and rim protection. All occurrences reflected by these statistics can be easily wagered through the 1xBet platform. Alvin Robertson and Mark Eaton have the records of SPG and BPG, with 2.71 and 3.5 respectively.



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