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How to overcome the spirit of limitation

To understand if a believer can struggle with limitation, first of all, we have to  look into the Bible

A spirit of limitation is a demonic spirit which enslaves and limits those that are under it by causing them to walk in certain patterns  and cycles. Many wonder if it is  possible for a Christian to struggle from  limitation or be enslaved to such a spirit . But for me to fully respond I have to show you what a spirit of limitation is and  for you to understand what empowers that spirit  . 

To understand if a believer can struggle with limitation, first of all, we have to  look into the Bible. We can see a spirit of limitation in operation in the story of Gideon. (Judges 6-8 )  Every time Israel was about to have a harvest, the Midianites would come and take  what they had harvested from them. The Midianites represented demonic systems that enslaved the children of Israel and caused them to lose their harvest at specific times and seasons. Note that a spirit of Limitation affects an individual seasonal 

For the children of Israel to be attacked by the Midianites, they did something that empowered the spirit of limitation. The Bible show us how Israel began to worship other gods, and because of this, they allowed the devil to use the Midianites to enslave them . God never desired for them to lose their harvest, but they had to lose  because of the altars they established. Many people struggle with the spirit of limitation because of altars they have established, which in turn empowered this spirit.

The first thing that happened with Gideon is that he was awakened to his identity. Do you know that one can struggle with a spirit of limitation and assume it's normal? They might say they don’t need marriage in their life, yet God ordained marriage. The reason they say this could be due to the pain their mother, sister, or even they themselves experienced in marriage. The spirit of limitation causes you to become comfortable with loss, when you should be fruitful in that area . Gideon and the children of  Israel had become comfortable and devised ways to hide their harvest from the Midianites. They were never supposed to hide their harvest because the Midianites were never supposed to be empowered against them. People with wounds often adjust how they walk or how they hold things to become more comfortable. However, what they truly need is healing, not adjustment. Many people have adjusted their lives because of the spirit of limitation, but they should be fruitful in those  areas not adjusted.

The first step  to having authority over the spirit of limitation is  being awakened to you identity Gideon was awakened to  his identity. Identity is key to walking in victory. You need to understand that some of the things you consider normal  are not normal . You should not have loss seasonally , or any other recurring issue. These things are not ordained for you by God. Gideon was introduced to his identity, and once he was awakened to it, he destroyed the altar that empowered the limitation.

After destroying the altar, Gideon chose people to fight with him. You also need to identify people who can stand with you in prayer — divine helpers who can help you out of your situation. When Gideon looked for people to help him, God showed him that he didn’t need many people, just those specifically chosen to help him. Not every person is a helper, but only those appointed by God.

Finally, Gideon was able to go against the Midianites. There is always a season when God empowers us to go against the demons causing limitation in our lives. However, there are steps towards this victory. If you are not awakened, you cannot deal with the altars. If the altars are not dealt with, you will not have victory over the demonic forces assigned against your life. There is a process, but if you follow it diligently, you will have victory over the spirit of limitation.

Those who struggle with the spirit of limitation often experience a pattern or cycle that the enemy has set. Today, God has awakened you through this teaching to every cycle and pattern you’ve been experiencing. The altar that established that pattern has been destroyed. Now you can walk in victory because the demons that have been fighting you are facing judgment today in Jesus' name. The Bible says, “Do you not know that you shall judge angels?” This means we can judge demonic systems that work against our progress and prosperity. Today, I pray that you become a judge and walk in the victory that God has ordained for you in Jesus' name. God bless you.

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