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DivineInsight: Can a christian be possessed by a demon?

There is also demonic obsession when a demon takes over your emotions and causes you to be obsessed with addictions.

The question is, "Can a Christian be possessed by a demon? Can it be possible for a Christian to be possessed by a demon?" First of all, we need to understand what possession is. To be possessed means that a demon is totally in control of all faculties, not only of your flesh, but also of your life. But for  demons to have control of all life faculties, they need to be resident or have control of the human spirit. Now, a demon should not have control of the human spirit, especially a believer's, for those who are not born again demons can control because of the sin nature they still have, they may be possessed.

But as for   a Christian, a born-again Christian, a demon cannot  possess their spirit. So, full possession for a Christian is not easily possible, but can only be possible under specific conditions. These conditions are stated in the Book of Hebrews 6:2-6.  Will not focus on  Hebrews today, but will simply say that the majority of Christians never reach a level of spiritual maturity which would put them in a position to commit the sin unto death which then becomes a qualifier for possession.

Rather, a Christian can be oppressed by a demon, not possessed. What is demonic oppression? Demonic oppression is when you yield to demonic signals or subject yourself to demonic attacks. The demon is not in you; it is coming to attack you. It is like when Gideon was being attacked by the Midianites. The Midianites were not staying in Israel, but they would come at certain moments and certain times. So, the demon is coming at the right moment to attack. You need to understand that demons do not know the future, but they can predict it. Demons can predict that you are about to have a breakthrough, just before the breakthrough they attack, so that the breakthrough will not manifest.

There is also demonic obsession when a demon takes over your emotions and causes you to be obsessed with addictions. That addiction is not yours, but it is demonic emotions causing you to long for, let's say, drugs or anything that can fulfill that demon's desires. It is not you, but it is the demon. So, the moment you realise that this addiction is not you, you resist the one causing the addiction and both the demon and the addiction will GO!. Most addictions are not because people themselves are craving for these things, but because demons have induced themselves in these people, causing them to have these emotions and feelings.

You need to understand that, as a Christian, you cannot be possessed or belong to any spiritual entity. The demon is taking advantage of lapses, certain key moments, emotions, feelings, and anxieties and then comes to torment you. So, these attacks are coming from outside, not from within. When you understand that the attacks are not inward, but outward, you begin to resist the devil. The Bible says to resist the devil (James 4:7). The challenge is many do not know they have to resist the devil.

Note also there are things like stealing, which are tendencies of the flesh, showing us  some of the things we assume are demons are not demons but your flesh. But there are other acts that are also demonic. When the addiction has become so strong that the person cannot do without the drug. It is demonic because of the depth and dimension at which you're being affected. Sometimes it's fleshly, sometimes it's demonic. When you are able to recognise the reason why you're being tormented, you are able to break free.

Sometimes what you are struggling with is because of  the  position that you've taken. So, you have to shift the position. The Bible says our weapons of warfare are not carnal (2 Cor 10:4). It is saying our weapons of warfare are not fleshly, meaning that the way that we deal with demonic systems is not fleshly; it is spiritual. Most of the things that Christians do in response to demonic warfare are fleshly, but we should be spiritual.

The Bible says to be carnally minded is death; many respond to demonic manifestations through their flesh, resulting in death. The reason why a lot of Christians are struggling is because their response to demonic attacks is fleshly. The key to responding to demonic attacks is by first studying and understanding what you're struggling with. When you study and understand, you will know how to respond. Many Christians just attack, but they do not study. What are you attacking? You're just shouting, but you do not have revelation. So, the key is to study. Studying produces revelation, and the Bible then says through knowledge shall the just be delivered. Proverbs 11:9 Your deliverance is coming from the knowledge that you have.

So, the key is first of all understanding that the battle is not carnal. That's why the Bible says our weapons of warfare are not carnal. So, the battle is not fleshly but spiritual. To be spiritual is to be conscious, it is to be aware of our nature as spiritual beings. When you are aware of your nature, your eyes are opened, and you begin to see the root cause of the battle, whether it's your fleshly, or whether it's demonic. When you identify the root cause, you are able to have victory, you are guaranteed of victory.

I pray for you and I say, let God open your eyes to who you are and what you are. You cannot be possessed by a demon because you are a child of God. You cannot be defeated by demonic systems because you are a child of God. You have been called to walk in victory. Therefore, stand for that victory and resist the devil.

God bless you.

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