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Divine Insights: How to deal with generational curses

One can be a born-again believer, yet still be under the influence of generational curses because they have not matured enough to break free;

There are three levels of demonic manifestations: possession, obsession, and oppression. A Christian should not be possessed by a demon, though some fall victim because of their ignorance. Let me explain the differences between these levels of oppression and how they affect people's lives.

Firstly, what is possession? In history, there were people who were born as slaves because their fathers were slaves. Similarly, there are people born into demonic systems as slaves. When one gives their life to Christ, even if they were born into such a system, they have the authority to break the chains of slavery. However, as long as one lacks knowledge, they can remain enslaved. Maturity is what frees a Christian from being possessed by these demonic systems. Without maturity, one can remain a slave to demonic systems. That’s why the Bible says an heir, as long as he is a child, is no different from a servant . Galatians 4:1-2

Possession works like being born into a house as a slave, dependent on the system of one's master to survive. The only way to be free is to come out of the master's house. But just like how difficult it was for slaves to emancipate themselves, it appears to be the same way with those that are slaves spiritually. For the slaves to break out, it was not the physical chains that held them, but the psychological chains the master had conditioned. These men and women were so fearful that they would not have the courage to speak out; even without physical chains, they would not dare to move out of their confined spaces. Similarly, those enslaved or bound by demonic systems have been conditioned to remain victims instead of resisting the systems and freeing themselves.

After Gideon realized the position of victory God had given him, he destroyed the altars in his father's house (Judges 6:27-29). The reason why many remain slaves is  because they do not confront the altars in their fathers' houses. There are times when you have to speak against those demonic altars and destroy their influence over your family. The  reason why many remain bound is  not physical but psychological. That's why the Bible says to renew your mind; it starts with your mind. Deliverance occurs first in our minds through renewal (Romans 12:2).

Usually, generational curses work as a form of possession, meaning that people are born into systems where it's not their own sin causing them to be bound, but the sins of others. One can be a born-again believer, yet still be under the influence of generational curses because they have not matured enough to break free; it just takes the renewal of your mind to align you with God's will for you and relocate you from these demonic encampments.

Renewing the mind is like reconditioning oneself to live the life they've been called to live in Christ Jesus. Many Christians, after being born again, still carry traits inherited from their fathers, which keeps them under these systems. I always teach that Christians do not inherit demons, but they can become antennas that attract demons.

Character traits are inherited from one's father, so often people are bound because of the character they inherited. When you renew your mind, you break free from living like your father or mother. For example, if your mother struggled in marriage, as a born-again Christian, you recondition yourself to align with what the Word of God says about marriage.

Thus, if you struggle with generational curses, you renew your mind according to what God says about you. As a Christian, you should not be possessed because you are now free from those systems, but one can still be oppressed because of their own ignorance. Breaking free from the snares of the devil requires maturity and the renewal of the mind. God bless you

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