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Motoring: Suzuki Fronx a pleasant surprise

The brand Suzuki has quickly risen from obscurity on the domestic market to prominence among global brands which trade in Zimbabwe. Suzuki is releasing affordable vehicles and SUVs onto the market, even while other well-known brands are gradually raising prices to the point where they can no longer compete.

There has never been an SUV like the brand-new Suzuki Fronx. From its sleek coupé silhouette and bold design language, which echoes that of previous Suzuki vehicles, to its cutting-edge safety and comfort features, this vehicle has it all.

The "Next Frontier" of SUVs, the Suzuki Fronx embodies risk-taking independence. The design is for targeted at people who are boldly and stylishly forging their own way through life.


The Fronx borrows design elements from coupes while keeping features typical of crossovers, such a tall profile, plastic bumpers and wheel wells, and a lofty 170 mm ground clearance. The wide, surefooted stance of the Fronx is a result of its powerful fenders that protrude. The large grille resembles a Grand Vitara in appearance because to its block wave shape. The Suzuki symbol, flanked by chrome elements on each side, rests above the grille in the centre middle. Finishing off the look, similar to the Grand Vitara, are the LED headlights and daytime running lights. 

The sleek side profile reminiscent of the Baleno is complemented by the sweeping coupe-style roofline.  Those in the rear who are very tall may find this design element unsettling, despite its visual appeal.   The sixteen-inch wheels, which have blade-style multispokes, come in two different finishes: gloss black (GL) and two-tone polished metal (GLX).

In lieu of the normal rear taillights, an unusual accessory—a thin LED light bar—is installed.   The streamlined back end, which maintains the recommended width of the Fronx, should make parking a breeze.   The crossover-typical plastic cladding adorns the rear bumper diffuser, and the silver accents set off the black plastic cladding throughout the car. Generally speaking, the Fronx isn't ugly; on the contrary, it has a really sturdy look and a harmonized design.   Compared to the leaving Vitara Brezza, the Fronx's proportions are better. Subtly drawing design cues from earlier Suzuki cars, this automobile manages to look stunning. The Fronx looks great in the "Geared for Adventure" ensemble.


Like the Baleno, the Fronx has a spacious dashboard, centre stack, and instrument cluster.   The Fronx's colour swatch is burgundy, silver, and black, but the Baleno's is navy blue, silver, and black. In the middle stack, you'll find the infotainment touchscreen (with 7 inches of screen size on the GL and 9 inches on the GLX) and the easy-to-use temperature controls (a toggle switch and a button). Even while the 9-inch provides a better experience in general, the GL models' 7-inch infotainment touchscreen is sufficient on occasion. The leather-wrapped, flat-bottom multifunction steering wheel is a standard feature on all Fronx models and offers a fantastic tactile sensation. The wheel's thickness is ideal, accommodating even the writer's large hands.  Glare from very bright lights may be lessened with the use of a dashboard mat.

The burgundy and black motif continues with the Fronx's seats, which are very supportive and cosy. The Fronx's big windows bring in plenty of natural light, and there's still plenty of room for the driver and passengers' legs and shoulders, even with the driver pushed far back. For keyless entry, the GLX model comes with a start button, an auto-dimming mirror, a heads-up display, wireless charging, interior courtesy lighting, and more. Suzuki takes design cues from its earlier models—in this instance, the Baleno—and builds upon them, with the Fronx style being just one example. There is an air of superiority around the Fronx, from the switchgear's tactile quality to the NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) and general appearance.  Everything is fastened tightly.


The K15B 4-cylinder non-turbo petrol engine is the dependable and long-lasting powertrain of the Fronx series.   You have the option of a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission, and the power is sent to the front wheels by means of its 77 kW and 138 Nm.

The maximum kerb weight that the engine can support is 1005 kg for GL Manual and 1010 kg for GL Auto. Get behind the wheel of a Fronx and you'll see for yourself how well-designed the engine and suspension are. 

Despite facing challenging duties, the Fronx maintains an impressive level of stability. The Fronx was up to the task of navigating the winding mountain routes, city streets, and wide highways.

Both the manual and automatic transmissions work well with the engine. While it may benefit from an extra gear in the 4-speed automatic and tends to shout on open roads, idling in town is a delight in the auto.   Because there is no nerve-wracking body lean, the suspension tuning is responsive and well-dampened. No bumps on the road can faze the Fronx.

 Even though the automobile is sensitive to crosswinds, Fronx seems unconcerned about them since it remains still in every situation. The installation of 195/60/R16 high-profile tyres does not compromise the Fronx's maneuverability., and its steering isn't lacking in feel either.

Fuel consumption

Equipped with a robust 1.5-litre K15B petrol engine, the Suzuki Fronx has an astounding 138 Nm of torque and 77 kW of power. This performance goes hand in hand with a good fuel economy. Fronx Automatic Transmission delivers 5.7 litres per hundred kilometres driven, while Fronx Manual Transmission offers 5.5 litres per hundred kilometres driven.


  • Suzuki Fronx models have these safety features:
  • GL Model GLX Models (on top of the GL Safety equipment)
  • Reverse camera
  • ESP
  • Hill hold control
  • Dual front airbags
  • 360-viewcamera
  • 6 airbags (front, side, and curtain)
  • Auto-dimming rearview mirror

My decision

The amiable and quirky Fronx may be the perfect daily vehicle for anyone, young or old. Although it does have certain flaws, I'm prepared to forgive them due to the reasonable pricing.

Unless you place a premium on enhanced safety features like side and rear airbags and a plethora of convenient extras, I don't see the point in shelling out the extra cash for the GLX trim. If you're not a parent, the Fronx with GL trim is a great value.

Not only is it reasonably priced, but it is also well-specced and executed. The Fronx provides a good vehicle for the money, especially when compared to its rivals.


  • Bore x stroke mm: 74 x 85
  • Compression ratio: 10.5
  • Fuel consumption: Manual transmission 5.5l/100km — Automatic transmission 5.7l/100km
  • Fuel distribution: Multi-point injection
  • Fuel tank capacity: 37litres
  • Luggage capacity: 1009litres
  • Maximum output: 77 / 6000 kW/rpm
  • Maximum torque: 138 / 4400 N-m/rpm
  • Number of cylinders: 4
  • Number of valves: 16
  • Piston displacement cm3: 1462
  • Seating capacity Persons: 5
  • andrew@muzamhindo.com

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