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Motoring: Audi Q2 35 TFSI S-Line performs admirably

Audi Q2 35 TFSI S-Line

Audi used to just make family sedans until it branched out to make family station wagons. However, the German automaker soon found itself having to expand its lineup to include hatchbacks due to the shifting preferences of car customers. The SUV-mania started shortly after that had occurred.

Audi quickly expanded to offer an SUV or crossover counterpart in nearly every model line it sells, for example, there are Q3s to match A3s and Q8s to match A8s, not long after the brand's first SUV, the Q7, emerged. The Audi Q2 is the smallest member of the high-riding family.

A midlife makeover

Just over four years had passed since the Audi Q2's debut, so it was time for a slight makeover as it approached the halfway point of its lifespan. The front end has been given a little more butch aspect by Audi designers. Particularly the bumper features sculpted faux intakes on the edges and a larger centre grille.

Additionally, Audi has included LED headlamps as a standard feature across the board; on this S Line trim level, similar lights are also included at the rear. The test vehicle had the Black Styling package installed and was painted a brand-new shade of blue called Turbo Blue (R18 500). The front grille, front, and rear bumper trims are entirely black on this model level. The C-pillars, 19-inch alloy wheels, and external mirrors are all painted the same colour.

Cosy interior

The best interiors may be found in Audi vehicles. Even 'entry' level devices like the Q2 exhibit high levels of perceived quality from them. The air vents and the new finish on the top of the gear lever are the only noticeable interior changes. The test vehicle has the optional 14-speaker Bang and Olufsen audio system in addition to the standard climate control air conditioning, cruise control, leather steering wheels with remote controls, and an Audi audio system.

It's interesting that unlike many other new models, this one doesn't include Audi's brand-new touchscreen entertainment system. This is not really a problem because the outdated setup still provides clear graphics and a wide range of connectivity. One small passenger thought it was a tablet that could be removed and used in the back seat, therefore I would have loved it if the screen could retract into the facia.

Front passenger comfort and room are great. With a hatchback, you can't have the dominating view of the road you do with a sedan. Taller rear seat passengers may feel a little cramped because of the lack of leg and headroom. Although most people won't need it, the boot space is listed at 405 litres, and the rear seats can be folded down if necessary.

Only one engine

Audi has reduced its lineup with the launch of the facelifted Q2, offering only one powertrain choice. A 1,4-litre inline turbo-four produces 110 kW/250 Nm of torque. Although a compact crossover isn't actually designed to be very quick, the powertrain isn't exactly a firecracker. A wide variety of ratios makes it possible to obtain the torque spread in practically every situation.

Speaking of which, Audi has swapped out its quick-shifting twin-clutch transmission for an eight-speed torque automatic that is more traditional. With the exception of while pulling away, when the transmission feels slow to hook up, it is difficult to discern the difference. With the exception of the rev-counter, shifts are still smooth and typically undetectable.

Easy sailing

The primary ride quality of the Audi Q2 is excellent. On most surfaces, it lopes along without incident. Low-profile tyres and sports suspension become more noticeable when the track underfoot deteriorates, and irregularities are clearly transferred to the occupants. These alloys look nice, however 18-inch versions could be a better choice if your daily drive is over a lot of scarred asphalt.

Style enhanced by athletic appearances

The Audi Q2 presents a strong case for itself as the brand's entry-level vehicle. Although the A1 and A3 are available, SUVs and crossovers are currently in demand. Young couples or tiny families can stay here with ease. It's quite cool that with the Q2, you can choose any derivative and yet get the same powertrain as the range-leader. However, while selecting an option, proceed with extreme caution. The base price can increase to a point that moves you into a different bracket than where you started, as you can see here.

So, what does the long naming extension of the Audi Q2 stand for? Well, fashion and athletic appearances are key. The makeover of the Q2 and all the upgrades that came with it have made it what it should have been when it first came out. Audi made the decision to go small when it unveiled the Q2 a few years back after successfully showcasing its capacity to design large and medium SUVs to the globe. When the Q2 hit the market, it was clear that small SUVs might be more than just a passing fad. Its small size and high degree of construction were deserving of the legendary four-ringed logo.


Model: Audi Q2 25 T FSI S-Line

0-100 km/h: 8,8 sec

Engine: 1,4-litre inline four, turbocharged

Fuel consumption: 6,1 L/100 km

Max power: 110 kW

Max torque: 250 Nm

Top speed: 213 km/h

Transmission: eight-speed automatic, FWD

My decision

I have a soft spot for the Audi brand having owned the A4 and A3 a few years ago. The Q2 punches above its weight. It may be the smallest SUV in the lineup from the German manufacturer, which also includes the Q3, Q5, Q7, and Q8, but it's also the most popular; in fact, it's the third most popular vehicle overall for Audi, only behind the A1 and A3 hatchbacks. The cabin of the Audi Q2 is remarkable, and it is an attractive and well-driven little SUV. Additionally, it has one of the greatest in-class infotainment systems. There are less expensive options, but the excellent all-around performance of Audi's smallest SUV makes up for its price. The Mercedes GLA feels a little bit fresher, I would go for it (the Q2 has been on sale largely unchanged since 2016). If your budget allows, then concider the superb new BMW X1.


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