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Letter to my people: Bringing office of the president into disrepute

After the incident, did you see how Launchmore now wears his tie? 


My Dear People,

Baba was a man of sober habits, at no time did he ever leave you with doubts about his sobriety.

This has nothing to do with anyone, kkk. I really feel for Ndavaningi, the man tied himself in notes as he tried to explain what was happening with his boss.

Instead of a coherent explanation, Ndavaningi didn’t help Launchmore in any way and he brought more scrutiny on him.

After all, he will not be the first leader to take to the bottle, Cde Edgar from Zambia and Uhuru in Kenya are well known imbibers and it’s not much of an issue.

Baba, the sober one, stayed in power for 37 years, Edgar couldn’t muster a second term. I am not saying anything about Launchmore, kkk.

After the incident, did you see how Launchmore now wears his tie?

When he officiated at the cricket function he had two ties, one over his shoulder and the other around his neck.

Who advises that man, kkk?

I won’t be surprised to see some sycophants now wearing ties like that.

Whoever advises Launchmore is giving him criminal advice and is bringing that office into disrepute.

When Baba was in power, Zanu PF always set the agenda and the opposition was always in responsive mode.

This is because Baba surrounded himself with thinkers like Cde Jonso and Dread Pats.

They would come up with big ideas, hashtags, campaigns you name it.

This always caught the opposition flat-footed. Now Baba is gone and so are the thinkers in Zanu PF.

Instead we have Ndavaningi and Joji, who are still employing old school propaganda that’s not effective.

Instead of setting the agenda, they are playing catch up and it’s a sorry sight.

Nero and his lot have come up with their “Ngaapinde hake mukomana”. 

Instead of thinking of something new, Joji has come up with something unoriginal and uninspiring.

The new slogan that he is touting now is called “mdara ngagare aripo”.

Dear my people, can we be honest with each other, it’s dull, unimaginative and doesn’t espouse any big idea.

Joji postures as a thinker, but if this is all that he has got, then he is badly overrated.

Baba surrounded himself with brain and brawn, for Launchmore, it’s just brawn.

As Cde Fay Chung said in an interview recently, there’s paucity of thought in Zanu PF.

She said she rejoined the party because Zanu PF lacked intellectuals.

How right she is.

One trick pony

What did we ever do to deserve a Finance minister like Mthuli.

He presented a budget that does nothing, but punish the poor.

If I can describe Mthuli in one sentence, I would say he is a one trick pony.

The only card he plays when faced with a problem is to increase taxes.

He has proposed to increase withholding tax from 10% to 30%, a development that will only serve to hurt the informal sector.

People in the informal sector are already struggling and Mthuli’s response is to burden them by increasing taxes.

Instead of broadening the tax base, Mthuli is literally shrinking it and in a nutshell, he is slaying the goose that lays the golden egg.

In addition, Mthuli has proposed that the government takes over the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe debt.

Most of you, because you don’t have PhDs don’t understand how this affects you, kkk.

Let me give you a short lecture. The government doesn’t have any money and the only way it makes its money is through taxing you.

So, here’s what happened.

Someone in Zanu PF went to RBZ and was given farming inputs or a loan on the basis that they would pay back.

However, the person, because he or she is connected, did not bother to pay back the loan and RBZ couldn’t be bothered to make a follow up.

So a few do this and boom, the debt is $3 billion. Mthuli then raises your taxes to pay back that money.

So someone benefitted and is eating on your behalf while you have the onerous task of paying for something you didn’t benefit from.

This is why Mthuli’s tax increases are not only immoral, they are evil.

It’s ironic that he is increasing tax thresholds at a time when he is boasting about surpluses and while Zimra keeps barking that they surpassed their collection thresholds.

Cde Chinamasa was a far better finance minister.

Terrible presentation skills and a penny pincher of note, but he did far better than this so-called technocrat.

Football matters

Zimbabwe will soon be banned from international football because of Launchmore’s son-in-law’s meddling.

If the Zifa board could be kicked out for poor administration, then even the whole government should go because they are inept.

That Zifa have been a disaster is beyond doubt, but that doesn’t justify government intervention.

Well, I have looked into my crystal ball and I can guarantee that a FIFA ban is in the works.

Never mind what Gerry at SRC says, the axe will fall soon.

P.S. I don’t watch football, it’s too coarse for me. I prefer more refined sports like tennis and cricket.

Stop It!!!!!!


Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (FAKE)

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