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Varun ups can, PET capacity

Varun Beverages plant Zimbabwe

VARUN Beverages Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd has increased its capacity in both can and PET production lines to address the demand for energy drinks and reduce dependence on expensive imports, the company said in a statement yesterday.

The beverages manufacturer said the move will ensure accessibility to the Made in Zimbabwe Sting Energy Drink at lower prices without compromising quality or taste.

“Sting Energy Drink, available in 500ml PET packaging and 440ml cans, offers two flavours, gold and red berry, at affordable prices. These international brands allow Zimbabwean consumers to choose from a range of options without burdening the consumer pocket, thanks to Varun Beverages Zimbabwe's commitment to local production,” the company said.

“As part of their future plans, the company also aims to add 2 000 additional push carts in rural areas of Zimbabwe within the year.”

Varun Beverages has implemented over 7 000 Pepsi-branded push carts, enhancing the retail landscape, and creating employment opportunities for local communities.

This initiative has increased retail penetration and, consequently, price compliance, leading to lower prices for consumers.

Varun Beverages, the second largest bottler of PepsiCo Holdings, received the prestigious Best Bottler of the World Award for the year 2022, out of more than 200 countries where PepsiCo has a presence globally, for its commitment to high growth, quality, and several other initiatives.

The company also supplies countrywide Aquaclear water, available in 1ltr and 500ml sizes at an affordable price.

This aligns with Varun Beverages Zimbabwe’s mission to offer high-quality products at affordable prices, allowing Zimbabwean consumers to access world-class drinking water easily.

Varun Beverages is an Indian multinational company, with its presence in many countries, and operates in Zimbabwe through its subsidiary, Varun Beverages Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd.

In 2018, Varun Beverages Zimbabwe established its first production line in Zimbabwe, with the initiation ceremony conducted by President Emmerson Mnangagwa, as part of the country’s investment initiative: Zimbabwe: Open for Investment.

The company has since expanded to nine production lines, capable of producing nearly 80 million bottles and cans per month.

With a total investment of US$110 million, Varun Beverages Zimbabwe has plans for future expansion.

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